At this year’s ThriveWell Annual Luncheon, honoring service members and veterans, we were thrilled to introduce Heather Hancock, MD, Major, United States Air Force, Trauma Surgeon, Cancer Survivor and ThriveWell Diva as our featured speaker.

Heather has over 20 years of active duty experience in the United States Air Force. While she specializes in trauma surgery she also keeps a small breast cancer and general surgery practice. For her the importance of evidence based practice, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction is a driving force, along with lifelong learning and professional development.

She is a recent breast cancer survivor who believes that life is lived in the present with one foot in the future and one in the past. While most of her spare time is spent with her 6 year-old daughter, husband and their 2 dogs, she is accomplished in painting, writing and fly tying for those moments when she can sneak away to enjoy some respite. She is enrolling in Air War College shortly and is looking forward for her promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.

We thank you Heather for your service and joining us as our keynote speaker.