Patient Assistance

For patients living in San Antonio, TX & surrounding areas.

The financial burden of surviving cancer can be profound and many cancer patients are without resources to cover the cost of their treatments. Even those fortunate enough to have adequate health insurance still can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on out-of-pocket medical expenses to get the treatment they need. If the patient is a wage earner, the inability to work during treatment can have a devastating impact on the family’s finances Every little bit of patient assistance can help to lessen the financial burden of cancer treatment.

Thrivewell Cancer Foundation provides eligible adult cancer patients with financial assistance towards their cancer treatment. We also provide transportation assistance for active cancer treatment throughout San Antonio. Our goal is to allow cancer patients to live their lives as normally and worry-free as possible.

We Provide

  • Financial Assistance towards cancer treatment.
  • Transportation for active cancer treatment throughout San Antonio.

The Patient Assistance program is supported by

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