You can THRIVE!

Dude is a program solely for cancer patients and survivors.

Central to the mission of ThriveWell Cancer Foundation is the development of community-based programs that directly enhance the quality of life for cancer patients and survivors. Our programs are designed to improve the health and welfare of families facing the challenge of a cancer diagnosis. We offer support beyond treatment and focus on prevention and survivorship.

Dude provides exercise, nutrition and artful healing programs for cancer patients and survivors. This program was created to offer life-saving opportunities to increase the rate of cancer prevention and survivorship. Dude focuses on the positive aspects of life, providing the necessary tools to have a renewed journey full of hope for tomorrow while celebrating the moment and milestones together.

Become a DUDE.

Exercise Classes

Our free Exercise programs are offered in various  locations in San Antonio, each location offers a variety of classes.  See the Diva&Dude enews for the schedule. Visit YouTube to view online classes and please subscribe to the channel while you’re there.

  • Tai Chi
  • Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Spin
  • Zumba
  • Strength Training
  • Boundless
  • Belly Dancing
  • Nia
  • Bootcamp
  • Aqua Zumba
  • Crossfit

Nutrition Education

The DUDE Nutrition Program’s monthly gatherings provide an opportunity for men to share, exchange information, learn, stay current, and, of course experience a connection with others.

Artful Healing

Artful Healing is a program that provides a connection between the creative and healing process. Each participant is encouraged to explore their creative spirit.

Together WE CAN Make a Difference