I am ever so grateful that in February 2019 South Texas Radiology noticed something slightly different in my annual mammogram and decided to take a sonogram, and then a biopsy. That led to the confirmation that I had breast cancer. I got two opinions for treatment, then selected The START Center for Cancer Care doctors for my surgery, then radiation, and chemotherapy — the doctors all worked to complete it all in four months, so I could go on a planned family vacation in June!
I am especially grateful because after all of that was over, instead of being left on my own, my fantastic oncologist, Dr. Amy Lang suggested I join ThriveWell’s Diva & Dude program and was also encouraged to do so by my great friend, Anne Aderhold. I thank them both for this suggestion. I found the support I didn’t even know I needed. The support I received was extremely important to me. Not only is it a comfort to meet and talk with others going through similar issues, it has helped me make changes in my lifestyle and diet, which is so important to lower the risk of recurrence.  These changes I learned and made slowly over time. Thank you to Suzanne Parker, who is amazing and has been such a great source of information and inspiration!
— Transformed Diva, Terri