ThriveWell received this letter from Clayborn C. thanking us for our help. We wanted to share it with you and send our appreciation to Clayborn for his warm note. We are cheering you on Clayborn.

Dear ThriveWell,
I just received your letter confirming that my application, not only was it approved but your wonderful organization found in their hearts to grant me the amount of $2,000.00 towards my journey to defeat this illness. I had to read the letter again and again once I was able to let the tears dry. Please know that there are truly not enough words of appreciation that could ever express my true gratitude for this amazing gift. Not only thank you once, but thank you more than that for helping me with your kindness in the way you have. I started my chemotherapy May 19th, 2020. My heartfelt prayers will include your foundation. Please be safe and know that there is always a place in my heart for everyone who helped with this!

Sincerely yours,
Clayborn C.