I want to share with you how grateful I am to Dr. Lang and her staff, Dr. DeBerry, the chemo lab at the START Center for Cancer Care, and ThriveWell.

All of you were a Godsend to me 3 years ago this month (October)! The care and treatments I received (and still do) from ALL of you have been the best methods based on research with a huge helping of compassion. Dr. Lang and Dr. DeBerry are rock stars in my book! The nutrition classes with Suzanne and Wendy, and the book Dr. Lang displays in her exam rooms, Anti-Cancer A New Way of Life, have benefited me tremendously! I feel strong, hopeful, and healthier than I did before my diagnosis. ThriveWell’s exercise classes are motivating and perfect for us especially now that they are on YouTube! Thank you to all of your instructors in the ThriveWell program, as well!

Thank you Dr. Lang and Dr. DeBerry and everyone on the big, beautiful team!
With Deepest Gratitude,

Happy Diva,

Dana Repka 💗