News Release  

ThriveWell Cancer Foundation Receives $500,000 Surprise Donation

San Antonio, TX- October 22,, 2018. It was a  night of fun and celebration at the resplendent Healing Hearts Gala benefitting ThriveWell Cancer Foundation. An event which was started by the late local television anchor, Karen Martinez KABB Fox News 29 San Antonio, with the mission of raising money to help others who had cancer, like Karen, acquire much needed assistance through ThriveWell. While Karen was still very much in everyone’s hearts and minds throughout the evening, there were some outstanding individuals honored for what they do and have done for others. One of these honorees was philanthropist Kym Rapier. She was awarded the Karen Martinez Healing Hearts Award for her life-saving contribution to patients diagnosed with cancer in Bexar County. Earlier this year, Kym established the Susan and Samantha Fund at ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, where the fund helps cover the cost of cancer treatments, to lessen the burden for all currently fighting this disease.

So it came as a tremendous surprise when Kym generously gave away even more on the big night. $500,000 to be exact! The cheers in the room rang out and the applause could be heard from what seemed like miles away. ThriveWell Cancer Foundation is beyond grateful for Mrs. Rapier’s generosity. With this money they will be able to continue providing financial support to cancer patients across San Antonio and the surrounding communities.

Dr. Amy Lang, Co-Founder of ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, said, “In addition to the devastation cancer can cause, sometimes it also creates a financial catastrophe.  With the Susan and Samantha Fund, Ms. Rapier is providing emergency relief to help save the lives of people who would not otherwise be able to afford treatment for their cancer. This incredible gift is a game-changer for these patients.”