Aimee Locke, Board Member, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, is from San Antonio and loves to spend time with her family, watching all types of open-wheel racing, exercising and participating in hands on charity work especially with special needs individuals.

She has a husband of 23 years and three children – Peyton 20, Parker 18, Patience 14. Her oldest daughter is a special education major at Denison University, her son is a professional race car driver and her youngest daughter is a rising sophomore at Saint Mary’s Hall and has a passion for charity work.

Aimee was diagnosed 8 years ago (at the age of 39) with breast cancer. It changed her life in many ways, mostly good, and some not good, but all profoundly. As a result she says that her family is stronger because of the experience. She loves cats and considers herself a secret “cat lady” feeding between 10-15 stray cats multiple times a day. Having gotten involved with ThriveWell, after her own cancer diagnosis, she wanted to give back to the local community and saw ThriveWell as a perfect fit. She had seen people quit cancer treatments, due to the costs of co-pays and transportation, and wanted to be a small part of helping out on that front.

She says, “ThriveWell is an incredible asset to our community and I am so proud to be a part of it and of the work that we do.”