Dear Joseé Battle & the ThriveWell staff,

I have just completed my seventh round of radiation of Landmark Cancer Center on Brooks City Base. Each time I go to treatment, I am reminded of my gratitude and fortune to have been approved for financial help by ThriveWell Cancer Foundation. After visiting with my Radiation Oncologist for the first time, her team arranged for a Dental Oncologist to see me right away. To my surprise, I needed money to pay that doctor for the visit, my teeth cleaning and most importantly, a mouth stint to prevent radiation damage to my jaw that would result in lock jaw. I thought to myself, no problem, and asked the dentist how much everything would cost. He said the stint alone was $2,100 and I was shocked! Luckily, I brought the letter from ThriveWell to the visit and I told him to please call the office and find out if they will help me pay for everything.

While I am sitting in his chair and he is explaining all of the potential side effects of the radiation treatment, his billing person, who is working from home because of COVID, called ThriveWell about my stint and the costs. This was such a surreal appointment because it happened in the middle of the pandemic and the dentist was being assisted only by his daughter, because he recently furloughed his dental assistants. We were the only three people in the entire place. He performed all of the work except the stint as he waited for the call from his billing person. She called back and gave us the good news – ThriveWell approved payment for the stint! He then created the mold and I scheduled my fitting/completion appointment which only took 5 minutes.

I was saved that day by the love and care of the ThriveWell team. I place the stint in when I go for radiation (every day) and as I lay on the gurney with the lights beaming on my neck, I say a small prayer for Joseé, ThriveWell and anyone associated with helping me. If what you did for me is any indication, ThriveWell is very necessary and I urge anyone with the means to donate, that you do so to help more people in unexpected situations like me.

Thank you again to ThriveWell and everyone connected with them!

Most sincerely yours –
Lester Mayfield