My journey with stage II breast cancer began in November 2019.  From December 2019 until May 2020, I underwent chemotherapy as part of my treatment plan. After a successful double mastectomy in May 2020, I received the news that I was cancer-free. To minimize the chances of recurrence to just 10%, I embarked on a less invasive chemotherapy regimen at the end of May 2020, which continued until February 2021. However, due to liver damage, I had to discontinue this course of treatment prematurely. Celebrating three years without cancer in May 2023 was a remarkable milestone for me. Seeking connection and people I could relate to, I joined the ThriveWell Cancer Foundation Diva&Dude program in October 2022. The various offerings have made a tremendous impact on my overall well-being. Through participation in activities such as nutrition classes, yoga, aqua fit, group therapy, artful healing, and aerobics, I have formed lasting relationships with many incredible individuals. The Director of Programs at ThriveWell, Joseé Battle, and the rest of the staff have become like an extended family to me. I am immensely grateful for the Diva&Dude program, as it ensures that all cancer patients receive the support they need during treatment and can thrive.