In the summer of 2022, I received a diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The experience has been far from pleasant. Cancer represents the ultimate test—it challenges you mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and especially physically. It clings onto every facet of your life, but it also serves as a filter that eliminates all the unnecessary and superficial aspects. Emerging from this darkened cocoon, you find yourself in a lighter and brighter existence. Cancer exposes the people and priorities that truly matter. In my case, it has fostered stronger connections with family and friends.

It has taught me to never take time for granted and instead relish each moment and experience. It has shown me how to say ‘no’ to what is unnecessary and make time for those who genuinely matter. Prior to cancer, I prided myself on my fierce independence and rarely needing assistance; however, cancer has taught me the value of relying on others—I have learned that they will be there when I need them. Watching my sister rearrange her entire life to take care of me without asking for anything in return has been humbling. It has taught me to seek solace in prayer during times of pain and fear, and to place deeper trust in God’s providence.

I’ve learned to listen closely to His whispers and see His path for me with greater clarity. I now perceive His miraculous love encompassing me through all the individuals He has placed in my path to help me through dark moments—His messengers of love. Drawing nearer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and finding comfort in the Immaculate Heart of Mary have been profound sources of solace. With every rosary bead I pray, I sense their love and peace enveloping me, while knowing that they will forever intercede for me. Cancer is an unsightly, spiteful, and bitter foe that endeavors to strip you of everything; nevertheless, I am truly blessed to have been graced with an army of angels who support me in this battle. With them and God, I am confident that I will triumph. This is why I made the decision to join the ThriveWell Cancer Foundation Diva Program—I derive great satisfaction from being part of a team that uplifts each other with love, joy, knowledge, and creativity.