Liz Worley, Board Member, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, has spent her career in education, most recently as a full-time mother to two children and volunteer to their various educational and extracurricular endeavors. She is a realtor and invests in residential real estate in the San Antonio area. Additionally, she has worked as an editorial consultant for various publishers and authors since 2000.

Liz is an active member of Impact SA, currently serving on the board of directors. She is a recent graduate of the Masters Leadership Program. Liz served four terms as a city council member for the city of Hill Country Village, from 2009 to 2017. And she served for several years as a school board member of New Frontiers Charter School District, a K-12 charter school district operating in San Antonio since 1998.

Liz is married to David Worley; they have two teenage children, one at the University of Kansas, the other at International School of the Americas. Her mother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in March 2017 and lost that battle in October 2017. Helping her mother navigate myriad treatments and doctor visits, Liz determined to help local cancer patients in a meaningful way. Thus her interest in the practical and compassionate work of ThriveWell.