We received this wonderful “Shout Out” from Diva, Michelle Liulama.

Shout Out to Jay, Salsa Fit instructor at Najim YMCA and our one and only Joseé, for taking us salsa dancing at Arjon’s Intternational Club. On behalf of the Divas who came, thank you so much for a wonderful evening. We saw other dances that we hadn’t learned so Jay has his work cut out for him. If you’ve always wanted to learn Salsa, join us every Monday at 6 p.m., at the Harvey E. Najim YMCA. Divas & Dudes! Come get your groove on! Thanks again!

— Diva Michelle


(L-R) Jay Sanon, Salsa Instructor, Terri Zuniga, ThriveWell Diva, Joseé Battle, Programs Director, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation, Michelle Liulama, ThriveWell Diva, and Lupe Montez, ThriveWell Diva.