Diane Warren, Board Member, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation is the Founder and CEO of Bounceology where she works with companies and organizations to accelerate their success. She assists executives in meeting their operational goals, meeting financial objectives through creative approaches, maximizing hot topics, facilitating projects and driving results and value. Originally from Washington, DC she has two grown children. Her son is a new entrepreneur in San Antonio and her daughter is a PHD doctoral student in psychology returning to San Antonio in two years.

Many of Diane’s friends and family members have had cancer. She lost both parents to cancer way too young but she’s also seen remarkable recoveries. She says, “We must fight, hard.”

Having lived in eight cities, worked for five fortune 500 companies, owned 17 houses, started two businesses and sold one, she describes her best “trick” as parenting two children who have turned into productive, fun and engaged adults. And to top it off she has three grand dogs that she really adores.

She became involved with ThriveWell when Erin Ercoline, Executive Director, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation and Aimee Locke, former Board President, ThriveWell Cancer Foundation invited her to join the organization’s efforts. She could not resist such a powerful agency and the chance to work with such excellent board members and staff for such an important cause. Diane finds ThriveWell busy and active and loves participating in all that it offers.