My name is Kip Hix Goebel. I’m a nationally certified comprehensively trained classical Pilates instructor. I’ve always been fitness oriented and I’m an avid cyclist. Four years ago, I tried Pilates for the first time and fell in love with it because of its many benefits. I immediately signed up for training to become an instructor and my love of Pilates grows more every time I get to teach a session, whether it’s a private session or a group class of any level.

I’m also an animal lover, and when not engaged in fitness activities, I enjoy spending time with my three dogs and my cat.



My name is Ray Wooten PhD, LPC-S. I’m a professor and clinical supervisor at Texas A&M University San Antonio in the Department of Counseling, Health & Kinesiology. I am a registered Somatic Educator and Movement Therapist focusing on soul-centered practices facilitation, self-awareness and conscious embodiment. I hold a 1st degree NIA Black Belt and have been practicing for over a decade.

One of the things I enjoy most is moving with my Divas every other Thursday at the Mays at Stone Oak location.



See the Diva&Dude exercise calendar to find a class with Kip or Ray. Participants must be registered with ThriveWell Cancer Foundation’s Diva&Dude program.