Paul was being treated for advanced glaucoma, severe arthritis, and being scheduled for knee replacement when his last annual physical indicated his PSA had increased to 8.9. We were referred to an urologist for further evaluation. A biopsy indicated he had aggressive prostate cancer. Treatment protocol included both external beam radiation and hormone therapy with Trelstar injections every 90 days for the next 2 to 3 years. Through our oncologist we were presented information about potential financial assistance, which included Thrivewell. We forwarded our information to Thrivewell, and were extremely elated to hear we qualified for financial assistance. For us, the value of this support from Thrivewell is compounded by the fact that Paul was dealing with other health issues that were already financially challenging.

One rarely expects to find themselves suddenly on this kind of journey following a routine annual physical. While other serious health issues are concerning, cancer presents its own impact! Not sure how one adequately prepares for this outcome, one thing that is clear is that the value of Thrivewell’s financial aid is momentously elevated by the emotional value that accompanies such an act of support and kindness.

While we are on this journey, we feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have Thrivewell’s thoughtful consideration and support. The financial pressures involved with each treatment phase only compound. We are most sincerely grateful to Thrivewell’s donors granting patients the dignity to not walk this path alone. Our thankfulness is beyond words to adequately express in this letter for your understanding, kindness, compassion and generosity ~ it is a heartfelt feeling to know, we are not alone.

With deepest gratitude,
Ruby and Paul Reneau